Psychotherapist in private practice working with a somatic focus on symptoms related to traumatic stress. I work with adults (individuals, couples, groups) with practice location in Midtown NYC and in New Paltz, NY. I have been a clinical social worker for over 20 years. I provide clinical supervision for Social Work Psychotherapist pursuing "R" privilege. I am psychodynamic disciplined and draw from CBT, Mindfulness, DBT, EMDR, SE and Kathy Kain’s Somatic Touch Trainings. I am an Adjunct Associate Professor at NYU, Silver School of Social Work and an Assistant Trainer at SE Professional Training for the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute.  I take some insurance, out-of-network benefits, and private pay.


I provide a compassionate, nurturing and healing space to mend, grow, thrive and regain a sense of wholeness and wellbeing.  I provide gentle and effective interventions to rewire the brain, change the physiology of the Nervous System, and recover from the effects of prolonged emotional and physical sufferings.  It is a healing process that empowers, reconnect to our inner source of wisdom, restores resilience and vitality to live a fuller life with a greater sense of belonging, clarity, and purpose. I offer somatic touch table work upon request and mutually agreed on objectives.


Clinical issues unique to my practice include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Acute Stress Disorder, Shock Trauma, Grief Trauma, Complex Trauma, Anxiety Disorders (OCD, phobias, Panic attacks), Depressive Disorder (chronic hopelessness and suicidal behaviors), BPD (mood dysregulation, self-harming, impulsivity), addictions and co-occurring disorders. I also work collaboratively with psychopharmacologist, body workers, and holistic practitioners. 




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